Body Moisturizers

Body moisturizers is an estimated $615 million a year market on Amazon.

Body Moisturizers

Market Size

Body moisturizers is one of the largest categories on Amazon in the US with approximately $615 million in sales a year, according to Hibben Research. The category consists of five segments: lotions, creams, oils, body butters, and mousses. Of those, lotions and creams, are the two largest segments, accounting for 70% share of the category.

Sales by Brand

Across the overall body moisturizers category, the market is extremely fragmented with no brand taking more than 10% share. L'Oréal-owned CeraVe is the category leader with an estimated 9.73% share of the category, followed by South African brand Bio-Oil (6.65%), and Beiersdorf-owned Eucerin (4.47%).

Within the creams segment of the category, which makes-up 30% of the market, CeraVe has a more commanding lead with 21.65% share. In the larger lotions segment however, which makes-up 40% of the market, NIVEA leads with 7.93% share, followed by Jergens (7.84%), and Gold Bond (7.60%). CeraVe is ranked fourth in the lotions segment with 6.82% share.

There's a third segment that makes-up a material part of the body moisturizers market on Amazon: oils. This segment accounts for 22% of the category and is more consolidated than the other segments, with the brand Bio-Oil owning 26.72% share. The brand's 3-piece anti-stretch and anti-scar oil drives nearly all of Bio-Oil's business in this segment and has racked up over 125,000 customer reviews on Amazon. Other than Bio-Oil, there is no dominant brand in the body oils segment which could be an opportunity for larger enterprise skin care brands.

Price Positioning

Pricing across the body moisturizers category falls within a fairly tight range, with the vast majority of sales volume being done within the $15-$20 retail price. This suggests that Amazon is not a destination for luxury skin care shoppers.


Digital merchandising, especially customer reviews, play an integral role in building a successful skin care business on Amazon. Across the body moisturizer category, the median best-selling SKU has over 11,000 customer reviews, significantly more than what we see in other categories. Text-on-image graphics, which highlight a product's features and benefits, are also more advanced in the skin care category on Amazon, with many smaller brands out-merchandising larger competitors.

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