Dog Food

Dog food is an estimated $906 million a year market on Amazon.

Dog Food

Market Size

Dog food is one of the largest categories on Amazon with an estimated $906 million in annual sales, according to Hibben Research. The market is divided by two segments: dry dog food, which makes-up 69% share of the market, and wet dog food, which makes-up the other 31%.

Sales by Brand

Amazon's dog food category is dominated by brands owned by large CPG enterprises. The largest-brand by market share is Purina, with 21.23% share, followed by Hill's (18.20%), and Blue Buffalo (12.97%). Other large name-brands include Cesar, Iams, Pedigree, and Royal Canin.

Within the dry dog food segment Hill's over-indexes with the largest share, followed by Purina, Blue Buffalo, and Iams. Within the wet dog food segment, Purina is the share leader, followed by Cesar, Blue Bufalo, Pedigree, and Hill's.

Product Innovation

One of the biggest trends to take over the dog food category on Amazon is the growing popularity of natural and allergy-sensitive variations. Dog foods that advertising "natural" ingredients now make up 29% of the dry dog food segment on Amazon, and 21% of the wet dog food segment. Meanwhile, dog foods mentioning allergy-"sensitive" ingredients now account for 13% of the dry dog food segment and 6% of the wet dog food segment. The top-selling natural or sensitive dog food SKU is sold by Hill's, which has helped boost the brand's market share on Amazon.

Price Positioning

As mentioned earlier, Purina is the overall category-leader in the dog foods market on Amazon. The brand has maintained strong share gains as well as premium price positioning with more best selling dog food products in the $50+ retail price range than competitors, such as Blue Buffalo.

Private Label

One of the up-and-coming brands in the dog food category on Amazon, is the online retailer's own private label brand, called Wag. The brand is more of a value play than a premium brand, with most of its sales volume occurring below $30 retail price. Nonetheless, the brand has solid merchandising, photography, and creative that will likely attract value shoppers away from the more premium dog food offerings on Amazon.

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