Allergy Medicine

Allergy medicine is an estimated $198 million a year market on Amazon.

Allergy Medicine

Allergy medicine is an estimated $198 million a year category on Amazon, according to Hibben Research. The total OTC allergy medicine market in the US is approximately $3.8 billion, according to IBIS World, meaning Amazon is only a small slice of the overall allergy medicine market. This suggests that shoppers are still predominately going in-store for allergy medicine purchases, which makes sense given that consumers are likely seeking immediate relief when purchasing allergy medicine.

The allergy medicine category on Amazon is broken into two relatively equal segments: 1) tablets and pills and 2) drops, sprays, and nasal strips. The category leader is Amazon's private brand, Amazon Basic Care, which has 11.58% share. Allegra ranks second in the category with 9.81% share, followed by Zyrtec (9.55%), Flonase (8.85%), Claritin (7.58%), and Benadryl (7.47%).

The top-selling item in Amazon's allergy medicine category is a two-pack eye drop allergy relief medicine from the brand Pataday. The item brings in an estimated $6 million a year in revenue on Amazon and retails for approximately $24. The item's product page really stresses product innovation, such as an exclusive formula and 24-hour relief, which suggests Amazon shoppers are comparison-shopping and searching for innovative products.

Among the tablet-based allergy medicines on Amazon, the average best selling item is a 154 piece-count that retails for just under $20. While there are long-tail brands pushing larger piece-counts in the category, such as 500 or 1,000 pieces, the vast majority of sales volume is being done with sub-200 piece-counts.

OTC medicine brands are among the leaders when it comes to digital merchandising, so it's no surprise that they utilize Amazon's A+ Content features to their full capabilities. Zyrtec is particularly creative with its A+ Content, using it as a buying guide to help shoppers learn about the different allergy seasons and when to use its product.

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