Air Fresheners

Air fresheners is an estimated $198 million a year market on Amazon.

Air Fresheners

Market Size

Air fresheners are an estimated $198 million a year market on Amazon, according to analysis by Hibben Research. The market consists of two types of air fresheners: electric, which is approximately 57% of the market and includes plug-in air fresheners, and spray fresheners, which make up the other 43% of the market on Amazon.

Sales by Brand

The air fresheners market on Amazon is highly consolidated with just three brands controlling roughly 75% share of all sales. The leading brands by market share, as of June 2022, are Air Wick (32%), Febreze (35%), and Glade (17%). Within the electric air purifier segment specifically, the market is even more concentrated with Air Wick controlling nearly 50% share, followed by Febreze 22%, and Glade 17%. The spray air fresheners segment is slightly more fragmented with additional brands controlling material share including Poo-Pourri (10%), Renuzit (4%), and Ozium (4%).

Price Positioning

Small sets of scented plug-in air fresheners drive most of the volume in the electric air fresheners segment on Amazon. Most top-sellers consist of  3-5 piece count sets and retail for $10-$30, although some brands are pushing into large set sizes.

For example, Air Wick's category-leading offering on Amazon average nearly 6 pieces to a set for less than $15, whereas the #2 brand, Febreze average is less than 4 pieces to a set for nearly $16.

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